Mentor Text Wednesdays: Infographics!

Mentor Text: See Learnist board  Genre-Based Workshop: Infographics Technique-Based Workshop: Using visuals as evidence in writing Background: We usually study mentor texts in isolation, but sometimes it can be useful to show students a group, or cluster, of mentor texts all at once. Studying a group of genre-specific mentor texts helps students identify the traits […]

Mentor Text Wednesday: Ideas first, Genre Second

Mentor Texts: “Has Snowboarding Lots Its Edge” by Christopher Solomon. The New York Times, 16 January 2013. “A Sports Star’s ‘Crash,’ Then The Search For A New Normal” by Ian Buckwalter. NPR, 4 July 2013. “Snowboarding”. “The Power of Snowboarding” by Jordan., 15 December 2010. Writing Technique: Choosing a form for an idea […]

Writers Have Plans: Using Next Lists to Build Writing Lives

Last night I tossed and turned, hunting for an idea for this week’s post. This morning at the breakfast table, a steaming cup of coffee beside me, I scan through a Google folder labeled “Blog To Do List.” Rebekah and I created this file months ago, preloading it with ideas for future entries. I feel […]

Mentor Text Wednesday: Using Pixar’s Up to Teach Scene and Summary

Mentor Text: Up. Dir. Pete Docter. Pixar, 2009. Story is the lifeblood of all good writing. But students don’t realize its power until they are explicitly shown how it works across all genres of writing. An editorial tells the story of an issue. A memoir tells the story of a life. An analysis tells the story of […]

Mentor Text Wednesday: An Article About Peyton Manning to Teach Supporting Evidence

Mentor Text:  “Better With Age” by Chris B. Brown. 30 January 2014. Writing Technique: Supporting an argument with evidence Background: Truth be told, I am not a sporty girl. Athletic metaphors in the writing classroom do not come naturally to me. Thus, whenever I see one of my favorite cultural institutions write about sports, […]