Mentor Text Wednesday: Mentors for Writing, Mentors for Coping

We use mentors to help students become better writers. We want these mentors to teach them and inspire them and moving their writing forward in ways that our mini-lessons and conferences alone could not accomplish. But we also want to use mentors to help students develop a thriving and lasting writing life. If writing is […]

Encouraging Revision: Advice for Teachers from a Student Writer

In April, my returning creative writers choose from one of two projects: write a novel, screenplay or book of poems in 30 days, or revise their novel from November. Catie, a senior, was the only student who chose revision. I wasn’t surprised. It’s hard to motivate students to revise! So I pressed her a bit, […]

Dabbling in Standards-Based Writing Assessment

Teaching writing is not for the faint-hearted.  Assessing writing is even less so. For years, I have struggled in vain to find the perfect system — “objective” one-size-fits-all trait-based rubrics, rubrics I have created, rubrics my students have created. None ever seems to accurately measure what I see in a student’s writing. And while I […]