Mentor Text Wednesday: The Nebraska Project

Mentor Text: Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska Writing Techniques: Lyrical Analysis Academic writing of analysis Looking at tone and mood Looking at voice Writing lyrical poetry Writing narrative poetry Pairing writing with other creative work Background: Recently, I found myself thinking about dream projects. Like many teachers, I have some crazy ideas rolling around the ol’ noggin. […]

Mentor Text Wednesday – Found Poetry: The Online Version

Mentor Text: WFM: Allergic to Pine-Sol, Am I the Only One by Melissa Barrett Writing Techniques: Poetry (specifically found poetry) Manipulating existing text for creative purposes Critical Thinking Creative response Editing The importance of a title Background: In the spirit of Poetry Month, I decided to commit the remainder of April’s columns to poetic mentor […]

Introducing Argumentative Writing with Infographics

Like Rebekah, Allison, and probably many of you, I am a big fan of Kelly Gallagher’s work. In fact, a colleague and I structured our freshman curriculum to mirror the writing scaffold in his book Write Like This: our first freshman writing assignments encourage students to “express and reflect” in personal narratives, assignments throughout the […]

Writer’s Telephone – an Information-Gathering, Idea-Nuturing Strategy

I feel like I’ve been engaged in a pedagogical ancestry project recently — mapping my teaching forebears through generations. In floods of professional books, blogs, Tweets, and chats, these ideals into which I have become so deeply entrenched sometimes lose their original source. Like a game of educational Telephone, the message gets translated and retranslated, […]