Low stakes writing: How I reclaimed my sanity and unburied myself from grading.

My first year teaching AP Language, I was overwhelmed by the grading. The class culminates in a three hour exam; for two of those hours, students are writing three different essays. The amount of prep your average student needs to confidently bang out three essays asking them to do three different things in two hours? […]

SY 2017-2018 Top Ten: Low Stakes Writing to Reclaim Teacher Sanity

In January, Moving Writers did a series on test preparation and writing instruction. How do we prepare our students for the realities of the tests they will need to take while also being faithful to what we know is good for kids and their writing? One of those posts struck a cord with teachers; Hattie […]

SY 2017-2018 Top Ten: Managing Independent Writing

Over time, I become increasingly convinced that the more choice students have, the more magic you’ll get. To give students myriad opportunities to craft the writing they care about, I instituted writing homework this year — 20 minutes per night of completely independent, free-choice writing. Our #7 post of the year looks at the structures […]

Books That Move Us: Project-Based Writing by Liz Prather

Today’s guest writer is Jennifer Brinkmeyer, who teaches Reading Strategies and U.S. Lit Honors in Iowa City, IA. Jennifer loves teaching students how to commit rebellious acts of literacy. She is constantly seeking ways to bring her writing life into the classroom to help students validate their own writing lives. Today, Jennifer shares about a […]