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When Purpose Drives a Project 6/16/16

Mentor Text Wednesday: The Video Essay 6/15/16

How Mentor Text Study Makes “Big Magic” 6/14/16

A Study for Growing Writers & Naturalists 6/13/16

Five Tips for Teachers Who Want to Quit Grading 5/10/16

College Application Essays: Using Infographics to Help Students Write Authentically 6/9/16

Mentor Text Wednesday: Encouraging a Critical Pen 6/8/16

Mapping: Analyzing a Weird Text 6/7/16

So I Quit Grading, Part III: A Conclusion 6/6/16

The Narrative of Learning Essay: Personal Narrative Meets Literary Analysis 6/2/16

Mentor Text Wednesday: Hulk Smash Criticism 6/1/15

Discovering a Writing Process That Works 5/31/16

A Collaborative Writing Study that Will Rock Your Students’ World: Children’s Literature 5/30/16

Mentor Text Wednesday: Explaining the Contents 5/25/16

Gamestorming a Setting 5/24/16

Newsletters — My New One-Stop Mentor Text Shop 5/23/16

Genre Hopping: Using Mentor Texts to Cross Boundaries Between History and Hip Hop 5/19/16

Mentor Text Wednesday: The OUPA 5/18/16

“The Right Words at the Right Time”: Commencement Speeches and Essays for End-of-the-Year Reflection 5/17/16

A Revision Plan for You + Your Students 5/16/16

Writing Conference Realities 5/12/16

Mentor Text Wednesday: Reviving Biographical Writing 5/11/16

Make Your Own Burger: Creating What Is Missing in Your Writing 5/10/16

Anthologies for Ending a Year 5/9/16

What We Wish We Had Known 5/8/16

Could You Please Repeat That? Showing Students the Effect of Repetition in Writing 5/5/16

Mentor Text Wednesday: Ron Swanson on Using Quotations 5/4/16

Structure as Mentor Text: How Can we Organize Ideas Beyond the 5-Five Paragraph Essay? 5/3/16

Five Ways to Use Sketching in Writing Workshop 5/2/16

Mentor Text Wednesday: The Nebraska Project  4/27/16

Coaching the Overwhelmed Writer 4/26/16

Making “Writer” a Label Students Can Wear: Three Ideas 4/25/16

Mentor Text Wednesday: Found Poetry: The Online Version 4/20/16

Introducing Argumentative Writing with Infographics 4/19/16

Finding Writing Time Where Time Doesn’t Exist 4/18/16

Mentor Text Wednesday: TV Poetry 4/13/16

Drop Everything and Play: Creating Opportunities for Creativity 4/12/16

Writer’s Telephone — an Information-Gathering, Idea-Nurturing Strategy 4/11/16

Mentor Text Wednesday: The Writer’s Bio 4/6/16

Three Different Approaches to Flash Drafting 4/4/16

Mentor Text Wednesday: The Feature Article 3/30/16

Teaching Shakespeare (and Literary Analysis!) with Prompt Books 3/28/16

Books That Move Us: Independent Reading by Colleen Cruz 3/25/16

Mentor Text Wednesday: Difficult Conversations 3/23/16

On Teaching a Genre You Know Nothing About (Or An Infographic Study!) 3/21/16

Mentor Text Wednesday: Roadrunner Rules 3/16/16

#TheEdCollabGathering: Unearthing Play and Discovery 3/15/16

No Writer Left Behind: How Night Writing Can Help Your Students 3/14/16

Mentor Text Wednesday: Hometown Songs 3/9/16

Moving Speakers with Mentor TEDs 3/7/16

Writing With Mentors Interview 3/3/16

Mentor Text Wednesday: Chris Prunckle’s Wannabe, A Visual Review 3/2/16

Building Writing Through Independent Reading Projects: A Follow-Up 2/29/16

Books That Move Us: The Revision Toolbox (Georgia Heard) 2/26/16

Mentor Text Wednesday: The Berlanti Opening Monologue 2/24/16

Mini Personal Essays a la The Wall Street Journal‘s Soapbox Column 2/22/16

Mentor Text Wednesday: Rock ‘n Roll Satire! 2/17/16

Sentence Study to Textual Analysis––an Aha Moment! 2/15/16

Mentor Text Wednesday: Anthology Inspiration 2/10/16

Making Time for Vocabulary Instruction that Matters

Mentor Text Wednesdays: Anthology Introductions 2/8/16

In Search of a More Meaningful, Effective, Enduring Way to Teach Grammar 2/1/16

Books That Move Us: Reading Projects Reimagined 1/29/16

Mentor Text Wednesday: A Letter from Montreal 1/27/16

Revision: A New Kind of Final Exam 1/25/16

Mentor Text Wednesday: On Rey 1/20/16

So, I Quit Grading … Part II Update 1/18/16

Supporting Our Most Reluctant-to-Share Writers 1/11/16

Part II – A Podcasting Study! 1/6/16

A Podcasting Study: Podcasts as Mentor Texts & More! 1/4/16

Happy New Year From Moving Writers! 12/31/15

Writing Explorers: 4 Ways to Approach Writing as Discovery In Your Class Tomorrow 12/28/2015

What Do You Do in the Last Days of a Writing Study? 12/21/2015

Using Mentor Texts to Teach About the Passive Voice 12/14/2015

5 Ideas for Using “Dear Basketball” in Your Class Tomorrow 12/11/2015

Don’t Miss a Beat: Writing Workshop with a Substitute 12/7/2015

Working as Our Students’ Editor 11/30/2015

What Happens at NCTE Doesn’t Stay at NCTE 11/23/2015

Conferring With Writers to Learn What We Don’t Know 11/16/2015

The Power of Reading Work Out Loud: A Culminating Project for Poetry Study 11/14/2015

Building Writing Independence with a Digital Menu of Mentor Texts 11/2/2015

Teaching Grammar a Few Craft Moves at a Time 10/25/2015

Flipping Mentor Text Instruction using Genius 10/19/2015

Writing Workshop Workflow: A System for Tracking Student Progress in Writing Workshop  10/12/2015

So, I Quit Grading 10/5/2015

Don’t Skimp on Sharing: 7 Ways to Help Your Students Share (and Publish) Their Writing 9/28/2015

Translating Writing With Mentors for Elementary and Middle School, Part 1 9/14/2015 and Part 2 9/21/2015

Writing Workshop: Rhythms vs Routines 9/7/2015

Our Top Three Tips for Using Your Summer to Plan Next Year’s Writing Workshop 6/1/2015

A Mentor Text Goldmine for Movie Buffs and Writing Workshoppers Alike! 5/25/2015

Writing Workshop Finals (Or Wrapping Up a Year of Writing Workshop) 5/18/2015

5 Mentor Sentences to Help Students Write Better Analysis 5/11/2015

Literary Analysis Wrap Up: Observations, Conclusions, and Lingering Questions 5/6/2015

A Different Way to Teach Literary Analysis: A Literature-Based Analysis Study 5/4/2015

Character Analysis Writing Workshop 5/1/2015

A Technique-Based Literary Analysis Workshop 4/29/2015

Thinking About Mentor Texts for Literary Analysis 4/27/2015

A Writing Workshop Cure for the April Doldrums 4/20/2015

Writing Workshop Transforms Literary Analysis, Too 4/13/2015

A Genre Mini-Study Perfect for April 4/6/2015

Writing Conference Road Show (or Small Conferences with a Big Payout) 3/30/2015

Reading and Writing Workshop: The Essentials of Getting Organized 3/23/2015

A Visual Guide to Planning a Writing Study 3/16/2015

Sequencing & Scaffolding Writing Studies 3/9/2015

Questions to Help You Choose Mentor Texts 3/2/2015

Turning Mentor Texts into Book Talks 2/23/2015

Mentor Texts are for Social Studies, too! 2/16/2015

Helping Students Find True Writing Mentors 2/9/2015

I’ve Found Some Mentor Texts … Now What? 2/2/2015

Meaningful Revision in Five Days 1/26/2015

Two Writing Workshop Calls to Action 1/19/2015

Mentor Text Roundup: Year-End Lists 12/29/2014

What Am I Doing Now? How Might I Do It Better? 12/22/2014

Happy Birthday, Moving Writers + Some BIG news 12/16/2014

Finding Time for Technology in Writing Workshop 12/8/2014

“How Can Writing Workshop Fit In the Curriculum I’m Given?” 12/1/2014

“Where do you find mentor texts? How do you select them?” 11/24

All Writing, All the Time — My Plan for Semester 2 11/3

Whole Class Writing Studies vs. Individual Writing Studies 10/27

Mentor Text Monday: Engaging Students with Humans of New York 10/20

Note-taking Possibilities in Writing Workshop 10/13

Writing Instruction When You Aren’t There 10/6

Notebook Time: What It Is & Why We Do It 9/29

Using Technology for Mentor Text Hunting 9/22

Teaching High Schoolers How to Read Like Writers with Cynthia Rylant’s When I Was Young In the Mountains 9/15/14

What a High School Writing Teacher Can Learn from Preschool Writer’s Workshop 9/8/14

The First Six Days of School 9/1/14

Introducing Mentor Texts and Introducing Ourselves 8/25/14

Reader Mail, Part II: How Do You Plan for a Year of Writing Workshop? 6/11/14

Reader Mail, Part I: How Do You Begin the Writing Workshop Year? 6/9/14

Resource Roundup: Mentors for Teaching Satire & Humor Writing 6/4/14

2.5 Successes and a Failure 6/2/14

Mentor Text Wednesday: Mentors for Writing, Mentors for Coping 5/28/14

The “Data” that Writing Workshop Works Part II 5/26/14

Mentor Text Wednesdays: Mentor Text Anchor Charts 5/21/14

Year-End Digital Writing Portfolio 5/19/14

An End-of-the-Year Mentor Text Workshop 5/14/2014

Encouraging Revision: Advice for Teachers from a Student Writer 5/12/14

Mentor Text Wednesdays: Dropbox Project Tutorial 5/7/14

Dabbling in Standards-Based Writing Assessment 5/5/14

Mentor Text Wednesday: Creating Writers Not Writing Automatons 4/30/14

A Lesson for Tomorrow: Writing Like Crime Scene Investigators 4/28/14

Mentor Text Wednesday: Weaving Argument and Description Together 4/23/14

“Writing Workshop Made Me a Writer”: A Student Spotlight 4/21/14

Mentor Text Wednesday: Moving Past Summary in Film Analysis 4/16/14

Offering Choice During Mini-Lessons 4/14/14

Mentor Text Wednesday: Restaurant Review PLUS Interview with Writer 4/9/14

The Power of Flash Drafting: Less Thinking, More Writing 4/7/14

Coming to Terms with the P-Word 4/3/14

Mentor Text Wednesday: Teaching Students to Write Meaningful Comparisons & Contrasts 4/2/14

Mentor Text Wednesday: Inspiring Mentor Texts 3/26/14

Moving Students from Idea to Draft: A Sticky Note Structure 3/24/14

Mentor Text Wednesday: Ken Tucker’s Review of Pharrell’s New Album 3/19/14

Mentor Text Wednesday: Sentence Study with Anna Quindlen 3/17/14

Mentor Text Wednesday: China’s Web Junkies Op-Doc 3/12/14

Connecting Writer’s Struggles to Mentor Text Solutions 3/10/14

Mentor Text Wednesday: Concrete Details 3/5/14

A Writer’s Secret Weapon 3/3/14

Mentor Text Wednesday: Infographics! 2/26/14

Writing Our Way Into Critical Thinking 2/25/14

Mentor Text Wednesday: Ideas First, Genre Second 2/19/14

Writers Have Plans: Using Next Lists to Build Writing Lives 2/17/14

Using Pixar’s Up to Teach Scene and Summary 2/12/14

Layering Annotations for Richer Writing 2/10/14

Responding to the Writer, Not the Writing 2/6/14

Mentor Text Wednesday: An Article About Peyton Manning to Teach Supporting Evidence 2/5/14

Guest Mentor Text Wednesday: The Book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha 1/29/14

When Even Writing Workshop Doesn’t Work 1/27/14

Mentor Text Wednesday: Editorial 1/22/14

A Lesson for Tomorrow: Using Art to Teach Repetition in Reading and Writing 1/21/14

Mentor Text Wednesday: Carol Sherman-Jones’s “A Lesson Not Learned” 1/15/14

A Lesson for Tomorrow: Writing a Persuasive Conclusion 1/13/14

Mentor Text Wednesday: “Scary New World” by John Green for The New York Times 1/8/14

The Fifth Pillar of Writing Workshop 1/6/14

Showing vs. Telling & The Walking Dead 1/1/14

New Year’s (Writer’s Workshop) Resolutions (or, Why Didn’t I Do This In August???) 12/29/13

Step-by-Step: The Value of Mini-Mentor Texts 12/23/14

The “Data” The Writing Workshop Works 12/17/14

Moving Writers…An Invitation 12/16/14

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