On-Demand: Language Field Guide Basics


Language field guides bridge the world of reading and writing instruction by giving students a way to meaningfully and intentionally explore language rather than simply memorizing it! In a 1-hour webinar with Rebekah, participants will:

  • Learn about the two basic kinds of field guide entries: choice word field guide entries and root word field guide entries
  • Try it yourself!
  • Get a quick start guide to getting students started with language field guides, including instructions for students, ideas for introductory mini-lessons that set students up for success with this work, and go-to resources for students’ word research.

This webinar will be everything you need to introduce the fundamentals of language field guides and get students going!

Each registration purchases an individual license to view the course and any recordings that may be provided afterward. To purchase group licenses at a discounted rate, please email Rebekah at movingwriters@gmail.com.

Purchase on-demand course here!


  1. I LOVE this work – thank you! I registered for the 6 workshop-series and am just going through the session one recording. Unfortunately I cannot see the right-hand 1/3 of your slides because the participant view that you recorded on. I feel like I am missing important examples and info! As a registered participant, I am hoping you can share your slides (view only) so that I can see everything?

  2. I am interested in this, but just discovered it! Can I see a recording of the webinar and recover materials? I am happy to pay…just tell me how!

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