On-Demand: Inquiry Workshop – Raising the Level of Talk with Student Collaborators

In this 60-minute session, Noah will share ways to get kids collaborating and having more meaningful conversations around inquiry work. Noah treats his inquiry collaborations like “Lab Meetings” where kids act as sounding boards, skeptical partners, and nudging encouragers. This interactive session will get into lessons you can teach–and coaching approaches you can take–with individuals and small groups. When kids have the tools they need to help each other through the meaningful but difficult work of inquiry-based learning, not only is the teacher freed up to push kids toward even deeper learning, the students in the room become more independent, thoughtful, and engaged learners.

Each registration purchases an individual license to view the course and any recordings that may be provided afterward. To purchase group licenses at a discounted rate, please email Rebekah at movingwriters@gmail.com.

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