On-Demand: Guiding Readers and Writers to Reflect + Set Goals

$20 Webinar Only / $35 Webinar + Reproducible Course Pack

Reflection leads to deeper learning. Stepping back from ones work to analyze successes, failures, and patterns helps readers and writers understand past performance and move forward. It makes learning stickier. Reflection helps students build connections + make meaning.

But it can be challenging to move students past simplistic reflections like “It was good”, “It was bad”, or “It was okay because I got a B.”

In this on-demand course, Rebekah will walk you through a variety of routines and protocols that can be used to help build a culture of reflection in your reading and writing classroom. From brief reflections on individual assignments to larger end-of-term reflections, you will get practical tools to help your students reflect in a way that will help them create meaningful goals that will create engagement, intrinsic accountability, and move their reading + writing forward.

Upon registration, you will receive a link for the video course (good for 30 days) and, optionally, a digital course pack of materials you can reproduce for your students immediately.


Each registration purchases an individual license to view the course and any recordings that may be provided afterward. To purchase group licenses at a discounted rate, please email Rebekah at movingwriters@gmail.com.

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Purchase the On-Demand Webinar AND Reproducible Course Pack Here