NCTE 2014 : Sneak Preview #1

Rebekah and I are gearing up for NCTE 2014 in just a few weeks! This week’s post is a special preview of our presentation: Moving the Writer: Embracing a Vision for a Technique-Driven Workshop. Here is the description printed in the convention program:

What does it take to move the writer and not just the writing? We envision a writing workshop in which ideas come first and form later. Participants will receive a curriculum centered on author’s purpose and elements of craft, mentor texts that cut across genre, and tools that promote independent writers.

The idea is simple: to teach units of study that aren’t organized around genres but around elements of writing that are intrinsic to all kinds of writing. For example, rather than teaching a workshop about memoir or critical review, we might teach a workshop on argument or evidence or punctuation. Students hone their skills in one particular area of writing and choose whatever genre fits their purpose best.

Our presentation will feature a few short interviews with students who experienced a technique-based workshop last year. You can watch one of these videos below–a short but compelling interview with Isabella who talks a little bit about the work that emerged from her technique-driven study (of evidence), as well as her thoughts on genre-based vs. technique-based workshops. Enjoy!

Note: This version of the video is unedited. We will be showing an edited version during our presentation.

Are you coming to NCTE 2014? We would love to connect with you. We will be presenting on SUNDAY at 10:30 in the MAGNOLIA room. Please connect with us @allisonmarchett @rebekahodell1, and let us know where you’ll be!

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