Summer 2023: Camp Rewrite

For those who have been around Moving Writers for awhile, we typically shutter (or go very quiet) for the summer to give both teachers and our writers a well-deserved break before the new year begins.

But, if for you summer is equal parts rest and creative sprint as you gather inspiration for the new year, I’d love to invite you to Camp Rewrite.

Camp Rewrite is all about revision. Not teaching revision to our student rewriters (though maybe some of that, too), but revising our teaching practice. Revising the way we look at old structures and routines in our classrooms. Revising the way we do what we do on a daily basis. To, in the words of Ta-Nehisi Coates, type over the work we did last time, and, as we reflect on the year that was, create a revised, better teaching practice for the year that will be.

In the spirit of these two, sometimes-contrasting feelings, this summer we (Matthew Johnson, Rebekah O’Dell, and Angela Stockman) will be partnering to create a pedagogical summer camp called Camp Rewrite. The goal will be to offer a space of restoration in both senses of the word—both the idea of returning something to a previous state and also the idea of improving and upgrading that thing in the process. 

Here’s what that will look like…

  • Each Monday (beginning June 19 and running through August 14), campers will receive a link to a recorded professional development session (approximately 1-hour) from Matt, Rebekah, or Angela. You can watch at your leisure over the 9 weeks of camp! Check out the topics:
    • Community Building in the ELA Classroom
    • Revising the Way We Teach Vocabulary to Meet the Needs of Readers + Writers 
    • Literacy for All and Caring at the Core
    • Revising the Way We Use Mentor Texts 
    • Best Practices for Grammar/Language Study (Good Grammar)
    • Revising Independent Reading Practices
    • Feedback and Assessment
    • Multimodal Composition…and Comprehension
    • Pedagogical Documentation 
  • Campers will have the opportunity to chat with Matt, Rebekah, Angela, and one another about that week’s professional development topic all week long via a Substack thread. 
  • Live fireside chats with special guests discussing what they are revising and rethinking in education and classroom practice, with recordings posted each week. Live conversations will provide opportunities for Q+A. Here’s a list of some of our incredible guests:
    • Dan Ryder and Gary Heidt
    • Trevor Bryan
    • Shawna Coppola and Sherri Spelic 
    • John Arthur
    • Kate and Maggie Roberts
    • Nawal Qarooni
    • Matt Kay and Dave Stuart Jr.
    • Sarah Zerwin
    • Kari Roan
  • Once over the course of the summer, Matt, Rebekah and Angela will each host one live event where they reflect on how they would revise one of their popular books today:

Read one or read them all and join us for a behind-the-scenes reflection about the things we wish we could do-over or do differently today!

Here’s the Nitty-Gritty

  • The price for all 9 weeks of Camp Rewrite is $180. (Or $60/month if you’d prefer to spread it out!)
  • Until May 5, you can access early bird pricing: $144
  • Scholarships are available. Please email 
  • You can also add an amount to support teacher scholarships when you pay for your own registration as a Founding Member! 
  • Site licenses are available for $1,200. Please email Rebekah at

Are you ready to check it out?? Head to our Substack homebase and click “Subscribe Now” to enroll in an incredible summer of learning and community!

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