Our Beliefs & Our Mission

Moving_Writers_reworkOur Beliefs

We believe that teaching is about much, much more than transmitting skills and knowledge. We believe in teaching that changes students at their core.

Our passion is writing instruction — the what, the how, and the who. Especially the who. Our students are at the heart of great writing instruction.

Our classrooms have come a long way from the assigning-writing methods of the past where students were expected to write at home and return with a clean copy of their paper a few days later. In today’s classrooms, teachers teach the skills of writing and invite students to practice these skills in class. We invite students to choose their own topics and find their own writing processes. We confer with writers about their current projects and support them in revision work throughout. We supply them with real world models and write beside them. This is teaching writing.

But when we teach writing, we soon realize there’s something more. Something more important than teaching writing. Something deeper, something enduring. It’s teaching  writers.

And that’s what we’re interested in here at Moving Writers — teaching, transforming, and moving writers. (And moving ourselves as writing teachers, too!)

Our Mission at Moving Writers

To share thinking about writing instruction for students in grades 6-12 that will

  • move our student writers forward in their craft
  • help our students develop solid writing habits and cultivate writing lives
  • guide our students to become “moving writers” — writers whose words have the power to affect readers
  • move teachers and teacher writers in the practice of teaching writing.