The Moving Writers Community




In the 2020-2021 school year, the Inside the Blended Workshop Community was founded to help teachers navigate the unknowns of teaching in a pandemic, teaching students in person and online simultaneously, and moving our common practices to a fully blended-learning world. 

Now, Inside the Blended Workshop is becoming the Moving Writers Community — a group committed to digging deeper together to share ideas, support one another, and provide resources for secondary reading and writing workshop classrooms. 

 Moving Writers Community members will receive:

  • A monthly reading or writing unit packed with mini-lessons, reproducibles, unit maps, and ideas you can take directly into your classroom. 
  • A monthly Q&A newsletter based on questions from YOU. Each Q&A will come with downloadable resources for your classroom. 
  • 1 professional development credit toward a Moving Writers webinar (a $20-$35 value) to be used at any point during the year
  • Access to Rebekah’s daily lesson plans
  • A monthly slow-chat with the entire community
  • Access to the complete archives! 

Here’s what some of our members have to say:

I subscribe to the Moving Writers Community because there’s no other place I’d rather learn about teaching reading and writing. Rebekah’s resources are some of the best I’ve used (and I have 16 years of teaching experience) in my high school classroom and because of her work, I’ve transformed my writing instruction to better serve the needs of my students–even my students can see the growth in their writing! I enjoy signing into my account because I know that I will find high-quality resources that are engaging, relevant, and purposeful for my students.

– Traci

One of the brightest spots in my inbox is an update from Moving Writers – whether it is a resource on how to teach a thorny topic (mine was synopsis) or taking a peek into Rebekah’s class with Insta Digest, or just learning from other teachers who post in the community chats, I know I will learn and be inspired to try things in class that benefit my students. I love being able to make notes for myself and go back and find older posts that I can implement in my time (and according to students’ needs).


I cannot stress enough how grateful I am for this community. I struggled so much with writing instruction my first few years of teaching, and I felt so unconfident. Ever since joining this group, my writing instruction has improved so much! I finally feel like I have the tools to be an effective teacher, and my students have greatly benefited. I’ve also been able to virtually meet so many incredible teachers that are all willing to collaborate. This community keeps reminding me that our work truly does matter and that there are such good, smart people doing it!


Membership is only $5/month or $50/year. Head to our home page  to check us out + subscribe!