Mentor Text Wednesday: Defining Charmed Childhood Objects

Today’s guest post is from Amy Heusterberg-Richards, an eleventh-year ELA teacher at Bay Port High School in the Howard-Suamico School District, located north of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Just named Wisconsin’s 2018 NCTE High School Teacher of Excellence, she currently teaches Writing, Literary Analysis, and IB English Literature HL Year Two. She previously wrote a post for Moving Writers on rewriting the word wall. Connect with her on Twitter at @LAwithMrsHR.

Mentor Text:

Writing Techniques:

  • Definition writing
  • Using imagery and analogies


Last year my high school ELA department bravely ventured into semester-long, skill-focused classes. Our previous survey courses — with their daunting challenge to know and grow students’ writing, speaking, and analysis skills — morphed into courses that, while still integrating all the English discipline, provide feedback with focus. With supportive teammates alongside of me, I now teach Writing to sophomores. The class is not writing about that one book, for that one speech, or on that one teacher prompt. It is simply and beautifully writing — guided by mentors, focused on craft, and about student-selected subjects.

Except, last week. Last week we wrote about parent-selected topics.

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