Free PD All Summer from the Vaults in the Moving Writers Community

The Moving Writers Community is designed to be a place for reading and writing teachers to dig deeper and more authentically with one another than the Moving Writers blog can do. It’s a place where I share the real life of my daily classroom (including occasional confessions about how absolutely horribly my Macbeth unit went […]

Making Grading Writing Easier with Frankenstein-ed Conversational Rubrics

In my dream-teaching world, I wouldn’t really grade anything at all. I’d sit down with each student and have a roomy conversation with them — leisurely, with lots of time for getting sidetracked if we want. And we’d talk about their work: what they did, what they tried to do, what I admired, what still […]

An End-of-the-Year Essay Unit Plan that Brings Students + Literature Together

When Allison and I wrote Beyond Literary Analysis, we read thousands of pieces of writing in the quest to figure out what kind of analysis professional, published writer truly write outside academia. In other words, beyond what English teachers have culturally and historically deemed to be our analytical territory, what kind of analytical writing will […]

“Why Did You _____?”: Ask Students to Annotate Their Own Writing

We are thrilled to share a new contributing voice today, Marcus Luther! We spied his smart tweets about student reflection in writing and begged him to write something for us! Marcus is currently in his eleventh year as a public high school English teacher. He teaches 10th grade English and AP Literature in Keizer, OR, […]