SY 2017-2018 Top Ten: Techniques For Students Who Know What They Want To Say But Not How to Say It

For some young writers, finding ideas is a struggle. But for many, the struggle lies in finding the words to articulate the idea that is forming in their head. In this 8th-most-popular post from the 2017-2018 school year, Allison gives us three strategies to help these writers move from ideas-in-their-heads to words-on-paper.  ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Can you […]

SY 2017-2018 Top Ten: Mentor Texts for Writing About Place

Our 9th most-popular post this school year is about to explode with mentor texts ready for you to use in your classroom the first weeks of school! Writing about place is a powerful way to write about identity, and Tricia Ebarvia (@triciaebarvia) has given us more ideas and resources that we can possibly even use!  […]

SY 2017-2018 Top Ten: What Article of the Week is Adding to My Writing Instruction

Each summer, the Moving Writers staff press pause on our blogging to rest and recharge. Throughout this summer, we hope to share some guest posts about how the 100 Days of Summer Writing is impacting students and teachers around the world.  Each Monday, we will share one of the top ten posts of the past […]

Ideas for Getting Students Involved in the 100 Days of Summer Writing

You can find everything you need for the 100 Days of Summer Writing right here — including the slidedeck, blog posts for teachers using the 100 Days instructions for students, instructions for teachers, a link for registration, and a link to our online community on Facebook!  ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Shhhhh … I need to whisper this: I […]

Mentor Text Wednesday: Defining Charmed Childhood Objects

Today’s guest post is from Amy Heusterberg-Richards, an eleventh-year ELA teacher at Bay Port High School in the Howard-Suamico School District, located north of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Just named Wisconsin’s 2018 NCTE High School Teacher of Excellence, she currently teaches Writing, Literary Analysis, and IB English Literature HL Year Two. She previously wrote a post […]