Go Ahead! Open That Can of Worms: A Lesson for Introducing ChatGPT

“I don’t think you should be talking about this,” a ninth grader muttered under his breath as he gritted his teeth and sank a bit lower in his chair.  No, this was not the response when I started a lesson about healthy relationships during our Catcher in the Rye study (everyone likes hearing their English […]

Letting a “Pandemic Illumination” Glow: Avoiding the Senior Slump with Independent Study 

Earlier this week, I stood next to one of my administrators atop the brick edges of a flowerbed for a better view of the beautiful chaos of a spring club fair. Students shouted and sang and waved neon posters back and forth, courting new members and future leaders; they were eager to refresh activities that […]

The Presents of Mind: I’m Thankful for… Letters!

Last month, I introduced two new means of reflection–a set of brainstorming questions inspired by Reading with Presence and a “poetry prescription” activity–that I hoped to implement in the weeks that followed. Today, I’m here with an update. Readers, they worked!  The poem analysis letters inspired by The Paris Review’s “Poetry Rx” column were full […]