Mentor Text Wednesday: Softball team at the ferry terminal after Provincials

Mentor Text: Softball team at the ferry terminal after Provincials by Kirsten Pendreigh Techniques: Background – One of my favourite autumn traditions recently happened – I picked up a copy of The Best American Poetry 2022. And last year, I added The Best Canadian Poetry annual volume to this tradition. Perhaps it’s because we’re playing a […]

Mentor Text Wednesday: The Wagamese Hockey “Poem”

Mentor Text: untitled Olympic hockey poem by Richard Wagamese (arranged by Allan Hawco) Techniques: Background – Is anyone else struggling to find the groove this year? I’m thankful that I have years of experience to draw on, and archives of lessons to tweak, to build new ideas upon. I’m using that this week friends. My initial […]

We are BURSTING with New Synchronous Virtual Learning Opportunities!

We are adding EVEN MORE opportunities for live, virtual professional development this spring! We hope that you’ll join us for one or more of these sessions! March 5 Poetry Pauses to Rouse Your Writers Next Week Brief “poetry pauses” not only build students’ capacity for critical reading + stamina for writing, but they can also […]