#theEdCollabGathering (4.2.2016)

Our slides

Guiding Questions for Notebook Time Chart


“Things to Do in the Belly of a Whale” by Dan Albergotti

Sentence Study:

“After reading Pam Muñoz Ryan’s enchanting new novel, you’ll never think of a harmonica the same way again. In “Echo,” a harmonica travels across years and over continents and seas to touch the lives of three embattled, music-obsessed children — and, quite possibly, save a life.”

Find the whole review here.


“Cuba on the Edge of Change” Photo Essay from The New York Times


“The Most Common Items Lost on New York City’s Transit System”

(While this link takes you to the entire article, we only used the first chart, “Weirdest Objects in the MTA Lost and Found”, for the notebook time described in our session.)