What We Wish We Had Known …

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 1.56.50 PM.pngThis weekend as so many teachers graduate from college and begin this wonderful, crazy, noble, life-changing career, Allison and I wrote about what we wish we had known when we started at the Education Week Teacher blog!

We thought we knew everything when we left our teacher ed programs. We could plan a perfectly balanced lesson. We could cite all of the latest brain research. We were ready for the classroom of our dreams — four walls, a bulletin board, hopefully a window or two, and, most importantly, a door we could close so that we could rule our kingdom without interruption or interference. The autonomy of the job was alluring.

But we quickly became burnt out on our little islands. When we experienced victories, they were hollow because no one else understood the dynamics of our classrooms. When we struggled, we did it silently, hoping to avoid the notice of our colleagues.

Here’s what we didn’t know: to thrive in this career, you have to find your tribe.

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