The Moving Writers Reader’s Survey


Dear readers,

We love you.

We really do! We love imagining you reading the blog from your classrooms across the country. We love reading your comments & hearing about the new strategies you have tried. We love seeing your tweets. We love meeting you in real life, strangers who aren’t really strangers because they feel like friends.

We want to know more and hear more.

Would you take a few minutes and complete our reader survey? Answer as much or as little as you would like, but please do us a favor and leave some feedback to help shape the year ahead!


Rebekah & Allison and the Moving Writers team





  1. I will happily complete your survey…but I need permission first!! 🙂 Thank you both for what you do – you are helping my kids in Indiana succeed and I so appreciate your help.

  2. Rebekah – I tried taking the survey with my morning coffee but I get the error that I need permission. Tried both of my gmail accounts (this one and the one through school) and no luck.




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