100 Days of Summer WRITING!

100 DAYS (2)

Summer reading is part of the school norm — we want ensure students’ engagement over the summer, we want to prevent “summer slide” in literacy. And yet, we tend to ignore writing slide.

The Moving Writers staff have been asking: What happens to our writers over the summer?

So we are gearing up to share a plan for 100 Days of Summer Writing (#100DOSW18) — a writing invitation for students and teachers alike!

Here’s the big picture: a shareable slide deck of 100 Notebook Time-esque, mentor-text-centered opportunities for little bits of regular summer writing for both students and teachers. At the end of the summer,  you and your students will come back to school with toned writing muscles, ideas for writing throughout the new school year, and oodles of models and pieces of writing to share!

And if you choose to complete your 100 Days of Summer Writing on your own blog, you will have opportunities to share here! (Details to come!)

Here at Moving Writers, we will spend the last weeks of May and the first weeks of June providing you with lessons and tips to introduce this opportunity to students and your colleagues in your department! We’ll give you ideas for how to use the 100 Days slide deck and instructions for how to commit to joining our #100DOSW18 community!

Here’s how you can get involved NOW by contributing to the 100 Days of Summer Writing Slide Deck!

If you have used a Notebook Time invitation this year that you have loved (or if you haven’t, but you have some ideas), we are inviting you to contribute to the slide deck! (Here’s an old post on Notebook Time basics. You can find many more Notebook Time posts here.) In general, Notebook Time invitations are:

  • Images
  • Sentences with imitable craft
  • Poems with clear frames and structures
  • Data, charts, graphs, statistics

All you have to do is create a slide featuring your notebook time invitation and email it to movingwriters@gmail.com by May 13.

Your slide should:

  • Have a plain white background
  • Include your notebook time inspiration
  • Include your source, hyperlinked to the URL from when your inspiration came
  • Include your name and Twitter handle (if applicable)

That’s it!

Here’s a model of what your slide should look like! (Note: It’s SIMPLE!) 

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 2.04.20 PM


We are so excited to bring writing into the summer with your help! Email us your slides, and stay tuned for exciting details about our first ever 100 Days of Summer Writing!

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