20 Strategies for MANAGING Writing Conferences

Often, the what of holding writing conferences isn’t the problem… it’s the how.

  • How to you manage the rest of the class while conferring one on one?
  • How do you find the physical space in a packed classroom?
  • How do you record writing conferences in a meaningful way that will help you and students down the road?
  • How do you hold great conferences without adding to your prep work and work load?
  • How do you help student initiate meaningful conferences that aren’t just you red-penning their work?
  • How do you figure out with whom you should confer?

Join us as Rebekah answers these questions and more with her top 20 tips for not why to hold writing conferences or what to say in writing conferences, but how to manage writing conferences (with everything else you have to manage)!

Register for this live webinar (which will also be recorded and sent to participants!)

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