Mini-Mentors for Literary Analysis(+ a Sneak Peek at a BIG New Project!)

Catch up on the whole mini-mentors series! Mini-Mentors for Review Writing, Prompt-Based Writing, and Revision! In the previous iterations of this series, I’ve suggested some ways you might use these mini-mentors in your own classroom: as sentence study warm-ups, as whole-class lessons, in small-group and individual writing conferences. But, you’ll notice something different and special […]

Mentor Text Wednesday: Can You Hear The Hum?

Mentor Text: “Can you hear the hum? How Jordan Tannahill’s The Listeners illuminated my experience with mental illness” by Alicia Elliott Techniques: Exploring and expressing personal connections Including research in a personal essay Writing a conclusion Background – If you’re a reader of Mentor Text Wednesdays, then you might do what I do – flag passages, […]