A Call for Guest Posts: Hey, I Tried That!

I've TRIED That!.png

Something that makes me proud of Moving Writers is that every idea we bring to you is tested in our own classroom. Just like you, we spend our days with kids, and because our boots are on the ground, we never share with you an idea that hasn’t worked for us first.

Still, it’s always good to hear that an idea has worked for someone else, right? So, we bring to you a new column, Hey! I Tried That!

In this entirely guest-written column, a classroom teacher will share his or her experience trying an idea from Moving Writers, Writing With Mentors, or Beyond Literary Analysis

Here’s a mentor text for what we’re looking for, written by Iowa teacher Allison Berryhill.

The Guidelines:

  • Posts may be submitted any time year round!
  • Your post should specify the idea you are trying. (If it’s from Moving Writers, please hyperlink to the original post that gave you the inspiration!)
  • Give us an idea of who you teach!
  • How did it go? What happened? How did you feel before? And after? Did you change anything? Would you change anything next time? What did this activity or experience or lesson enable your students to do that they couldn’t do before?
  • If possible, include a sample or two of student work!



  • Please email your work as a Google Doc or Word document to movingwriters@gmail.com
  • Please type “Hey! I Tried That!” in the subject line
  • Please give us a 2-3 sentence bio in the body of the email should we decide to use your piece.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot respond to all guest post inquiries, but if we decide to use your piece we will let you know when you can expect to see it on the blog!

Happy Writing!

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