We’re Launching the Moving Writers Community!

In the 2020-2021 school year, the Inside the Blended Workshop Community was founded to help teachers navigate the unknowns of teaching in a pandemic, teaching students in person and online simultaneously, and moving our common practices to a fully blended-learning world. 

Now, Inside the Blended Workshop is becoming the Moving Writers Community — a group committed to digging deeper together to share ideas, support one another, and provide resources for secondary reading and writing workshop classrooms. 

 Moving Writers Community members will receive:

  • A monthly reading or writing unit packed with mini-lessons, reproducibles, unit maps, and ideas you can take directly into your classroom. 
  • A monthly Q&A newsletter based on questions from YOU. Each Q&A will come with downloadable resources for your classroom. 
  • 1 professional development credit toward a Moving Writers webinar (a $20-$35 value) to be used at any point during the year
  • Access to Rebekah’s daily lesson plans
  • A quarterly live hangout with Rebekah
  • Access to the complete archives of the 2020-2021 Inside the Blended Workshop, including newsletters, 18 complete reading/writing units.

Throughout the month, community members will also be able to ask questions + share resources in our community for on-going support! 

The new year of the Moving Writers Community launches AUGUST 7!

On August 7, members will receive their first unit of the year, an invitation to join in conversation with one another about the new school year, and instructions for using your professional development credit! 

Membership is only $5/month or $50/year. Head to our home page  to check us out + subscribe!


  1. Hi. I am not sure if I need to resubscribe or not. Could you let me know? Thanks, Molly Matthews

  2. I’m pretty sure I will want to do the annual – but I think I’d like to see it first before I commit. If I do the $5 for the first month and it’s what I think it will be (I have your Writing With Mentors book and am a devoted follower of “Moving Writers”), can I then add on $45 for the rest of the year?

    Your devoted Canadian follower,


  3. Hi, Will enrolment be open on September, and if so, will new members be able to access the first few offerings? In our board, we can apply for PD funds, but only if we submit the info for consideration BEFORE we enrol. It makes it really difficult when PD is launched in the summer months when the approval committee is on holidays. End of September is usually the first meeting. L

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