A New Mini Move for Writers Video + Details About Our Launch Week

We hope you’re loving the sneak peeks at Mini Moves for Writers we’ve been sharing this week. Next week is our official LAUNCH WEEK! We can’t wait!

Today, we’re sharing a new move: Figurative Language that Makes You Go ‘Huh!’. This move engages the reader by painting specific pictures in the reader’s mind, and it helps the writer draw connections in very specific ways by using surprising or unusual figurative language. Not the same-old cliches that cause English teachers to roll their eyes.

Best of all: this move can be used in ANY genre of writing.

But that’s not all.

Every day during Launch Week, we will be sharing a new mini move on YouTube, lesson ideas that incorporate these videos into your classroom routines, and a daily giveaway to those who subscribe to our channel! We hope you’ll join us as we launch Mini Moves for Writers!

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