October Webinars with Moving Writers

Students + teachers alike benefit from predictable patterns of learning: routines and structures that allow all of us to be fully present in the classroom. But there are so many good things in reading workshop and writing workshop — is there a way to do them all and still have a predictable pattern of learning? How do the pieces go together? How can we be consistent in our practices without feeling frenzied? Join us for a webinar where we will share strategies for figuring out what really matters in your reading + writing workshops, how to prioritize and schedule them all, and how to maintain your sanity in the process.

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Teaching young writers is joyful and exhausting, fulfilling and frustrating work. The choices we make as writing teachers can help us stay in it for the long haul, both across the arc of a school year and the course of a career in teaching. Join Brett Vogelsinger for a look at specific, use-tomorrow strategies we can make this work more sustainable for ourselves as we support writers in our classrooms. A mash-up of instructional practices and personal habits to stay afloat will be helpful to anyone who spends their days guiding writers.

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  1. Hello,

    When I signed up for the Moving Writer’s community last school year, it was indicated that we could attend 1 workshop for free. If I would like to attend the Strategies for Juggling workshop, is there a code that I need to use when registering? Thanks, Shannon

    Shannon Fleming, MA.Ed. Boulder Creek High School Language Arts 1-2 Honors web site: http://www.dvusd.org/Domain/3579

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