The 100 Days of Summer Writing!!!

100 DAYS (2)

It’s here! It’s here!

#100DSW18 Slide Deck

Welcome to the inaugural 100 Days of Summer Writing!

This is a movement for students and teachers alike to use the summer break to build writing muscles and bits of genius through the regular inspiration provided by Notebook Time.

THANK YOU to everyone who contributed! And THANK YOU to everyone who is planning to join us – -as a teacher-writer and by sharing this opportunity with your students.

In addition to the slides above, this post will also provide instructions for how you and your students can get involved! Some preliminaries:

  • The slides are identical for teachers and students.
  • If you wish to edit the slide deck to better fit your students and your context, we suggest you download the PDF above, screenshot the slides you wish to include in your customized slide deck, and paste those screenshots into your own slideshow.
  • You might want to review the Getting Ready for Summer Writing lesson! This can help students and teachers understand ways they might respond to the notebook time invitations each day. There’s even a handy chart you can print for students or glue in your own notebook.
  • Students and teachers should feel free to participate every day or some of the days or sporadically, in order from #1-#100 or out of order! In other words, use this as it serves YOU. 
  • The 100 days will officially begin May 29 and end September 5.

For Teachers

  1. If you are going to participate in any capacity, would you please register using this Google form?
  2. Writing is always more fulfilling in community. Please consider sharing what you write! This is part of how we get stronger together. There are a couple of ways you can do this:
  • Take a picture of your writing and post it to Twitter. Tell us which slide you’re responding to, and use the hashtag #100DOSW18.
  • Join our 100 Days of Summer Writing Facebook Group! This will be a place we can talk about writing over the summer, check in on one another, and share writing. Each day, one of the 100 Days slides will be posted to the group. You can add your own writing right below it OR write on paper, snap a photo, and add it to the comments! It will look like this:

Image-1 (2).jpg

  • Form your own teacher-writer group and share with them! Agree on a number of times to share — via email, in a shared Google Slideshow, in a Facebook group, chat about it on Voxer. Just find friends who are also participating and make intentional time and space to share your summer writing journey.

For Students

  • Older students participating should also be encouraged to take a picture of their writing and post it to Twitter using the hashtag #100DOSW18.
  • For younger students, set up a local, shared Google slideshow. Ask students to create slides to share their responses — one response per slide. Students can add comments in the slide notes to engage in conversation with one another about their writing! (This is what I’m doing with my middle schoolers!)
  • You might have other options within your school context — discussion boards through Edmodo or Blackboard, for instance! If you have another way that you are going to build writing community over the summer, please leave a comment below to share your idea!

Between now and June 1, Moving Writers will be sharing oodles of ideas for how you might engage colleagues and students in summer writing! (Stefanie kicked us off yesterday!) We will archive everything #100DOSW18-related in one page on our menu bar!

Alright! Did we forget something? What do you need to know? Leave us a comment here or reach out on Twitter @RebekahODell1. We are so excited about the ways we will all grow as writers together this summer! 

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