A Video Tour of What You’ll Find in A Teacher’s Guide to Mentor Texts

It’s true: six years ago, we wrote another book on mentor texts. So, you might be wondering: what’s new in A Teacher’s Guide to Mentor Texts? How is it different? What will you find there?

The answer? SO, so very much.

I made a quick little video tour to show you some of our favorite features + new content!

If you pre-order, you can get 40% off at Heinemann with the code MENTOR. And don’t forget! We’re hosting a free book club. Through the month of May, we’re hosting asynchronous discussions on Flipgrid and a live Q&A celebration! Just email us your proof of purchase (movingwriters@gmail.com)! (Or, if you’re a Canadian friend who can’t pre-order, just email us your interest!)

We hope you love this book like we do + hope we get to chat with you about it in our book club!

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