It’s “Bring Rebekah to School” Day!

Yesterday’s Mini Moves for Writers subscriber giveaway was ADAM NOACK! Adam, please get in touch with me to claim your prize.

One of our favorite features of Mini Moves for Writers is the sheer number of different ways they can be used to support your student writers. So far this week we’ve seen how they can be used in a flipped classroom scenario so that students are receiving direct instruction on their own and as an enhancement to regular sentence study.

It cant be even simpler than that, though: You could just let me teach your class for you as a guest teacher! Here’s a lesson structure for the plan book:

  • Introduce the writing move the class will be learning today.
  • Project a Mini Moves for Writers video.
  • Direct students to use the guiding questions at the end of the video to try this move in their own writing right now.
  • As students write, circulate to answer questions, trouble shoot, and confer.

While it’s wonderful to have a guest teacher (if your kids are like mine, they often listen better to someone who is NOT me), these videos can also provide a model for your own instruction!

You’ll notice that every Mini Move video has the same format — and that’s the exact same format I use in my mini-lessons in my own classroom! It’s easy, works every time, and reduces your decision fatigue.

After watching a few mini move videos, you might use this format as a model for YOUR own instruction:

  • Introduce the move
  • Explain why writers use this move.
  • Show this move in a mentor text.
  • Show this move in OTHER mentor texts.
  • Offer some guiding questions to help writers use this move in their own writing.

Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to Mini Moves for Writers on YouTube for our daily giveaway (we announce it at 12:30pm EST on Twitter @RebekahODell1 and @Sam_Futrell1). Tune back in here tomorrow for another way to use these mini-lesson videos in your own instruction!

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