Targeting Writing Instruction to Students’ Needs

Every writer needs something a little bit different, which is one of the things that makes writing instruction so challenging! But whether the writers in your room need a bit of skill review (one of those things you assumed they “should know how to do by now”) or needs a bit of a challenge (so that they aren’t “done” on the second day of the writing workshop), Mini Moves with Writers can make differentiating easy so that every writer in the room gets what they need.

You can grab a copy of this resource here!

Our launch week is winding down, but we have two more days of giveaways! Mini Moves for Writers subscribers are automatically entered to win a copy of A Teacher’s Guide to Mentor Texts, a one year subscription to the Moving Writers Community, or a free professional development session from Moving Writers. Subscribe to Mini Moves for Writers by 12:30pm to be entered to win!

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