Offering Students Choice + Voice Through Mini Moves

I love a good digital choice board — a way for students to have a self-directed choice in their learning. You can make choice boards out of anything, but you can also curate your own choice board using Mini Moves for Writers videos.

I’ve made you one choice board below: four different mini moves that add style to any piece of writing in any genre.

How Does It Work?

You share the choice board with your students. Suggest a number of moves they should study + attempt in their own writing. Let them watch the videos and try the moves.

Choice boards are particularly useful when you are trying to confer with writers as it provides everyone else with a way to continue learning!

You could make choice boards for any number of writing skills: adding detail to writing, writing strong claims, engaging the reader. Or, your choice board doesn’t need to have a theme at all; you might simply offer a handful of different writing moves that would benefit the writers in your room and let them choose a couple to learn and practice in their own writing!

Today is your last day to subscribe to Mini Moves for Writers for a chance to win a copy of A Teacher’s Guide to Mentor Texts, a one-year subscription to the Moving Writers Community, or a free professional development session from Moving Writers! Next week, we will begin sharing new mini move videos on Tuesdays + Thursdays — you won’t want to miss any of them!

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