Writing You Can See: How to Teach a Graphic Novel Writing Workshop

I’m rarely brave enough to try a terrifying new teaching idea on my own. Ask Allison. Or, these days, Sam.

For years, I’ve been trying to psych myself up to teach a writing study on graphic novels or graphic essays, but because I am so woefully inept in the artistic realm, I never did it.

But then Sam, my next-door-Social-Studies-teaching neighbor, came to me and said, “What if the kids did something like make a graphic novel”, and I could no longer resist.

We are hosting a live webinar January 30, 2023 from 7pm-8pm EST! (A recording will be sent to all registrants the next day!)

In this webinar, Sam and I will share the mini-lessons we taught, our top tips for a successful graphic novel unit, our foibles, mistakes, and terrible illustrations. We’ll also show you student work! Participants can choose to upgrade to receive all of our unit materials, too!

We’d LOVE to share our latest, greatest unit experiment with you! Our students’ work (and thinking!) blew our minds! Register today to save your space!

Did you know that members of the Moving Writers Community get one professional development session for free each school year — in addition to monthly unit plans, Q&As, community chats, and access to our archives? This could be yours! Check it out!

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