Brave New Words: 5 Ideas for Bringing ChatGPT into Your Writing Workshop

You can hardly get online recently without seeing an article or other hand-wringing about ChatGPT and what this means for the world. Especially the English teacher world.

Thankfully, Brett Vogelsinger has done some thinking about this. Instead of fighting against it, what if we could use ChatGPT and other AI to actually benefit our writers? He’s launching a new interactive course today that we are super-excited to share with you! Here’s his description:

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT are getting a lot of attention from teachers right now, leaving many wondering what the future of writing instruction will look like. What will writing even be when machines can compose comprehensible text on almost any subject within seconds, meeting all sorts of length and style requirements? There is no one right answer to that question, but join Brett Vogelsinger for a foray into some early thoughts about how we might actually invite AI into our classrooms in five ways that may surprise you.  He will even share some examples of how his students are doing this right now with a literary analysis essay.

A handout for this webinar includes a reading list with links to the best articles on this topic from respected thought leaders in a variety of genres.  It will also include a private group link where you can engage in conversation on Voxer with Brett, Rebekah, Allison and any other participants about ideas, questions, and experiences around ChatGPT and writing instruction in the months ahead. Think of it as your support group around this topic as questions and strategies emerge!

This is a limited-time offering! We will be offering this course until March 15, 2022!

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