Using MiniMoves to Elevate Writing in the Humanities

You don’t have to throw away everything you’ve ever taught in order to make a big change in student writing.

Sometimes we want to do what we’re already doing … just better.

Not a whole new plan. Not a new curriculum. Not starting-from-scratch. We want something we can insert into our regular routines that will payoff in a meaningful way.

And that’s our hope for your writing instruction after this live (and on-demand) webinar.

Sam and Rebekah will introduce you to the world of mini-moves — what they look like, where to find them — and how they can instantly elevate the writing your students are already doing. With examples from English and history students, you’ll see how this instructional strategy can easily move all writers forward.

We’ll also share strategies for incorporating mini-moves into your existing lessons and classroom routines, including the Mini Moves for Writers YouTube channel which can serve as a guest teacher in your classroom!

Interested in learning more before you register? Look at our FREE 10-page quick start guide! Then, share with a colleague who wants to improve student writing in their classroom and register to join us on February 23!

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