Join us after #NCTE18!


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We loved spending time with you at #NCTE18 and sharing a bit from Beyond Literary Analysis. A perfect way to follow up and dig deeper with us is to join us for a 3-part webinar series! Grab a glass of wine after work and join us to chat about why we need to broaden our definition of analysis, how to infuse even analytical writing with passion, and concrete ways to take student writing to the next level!

All sessions are recorded, so even if you can’t join us live, you can still join the conversation! Get signed up here!


  1. Hi Rebekah and Allison!
    Will y’all be posting your NCTE presentation from the K.43 session here?

  2. Hey, Rebekah! I tried to sign up for the webinar, but the link took me to an (excellent) resource from the NY Times…help?! 🙂

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