Writing Workshop Communication: Parent Videos


Friends, I’m trying something new this year! A vlog series about communicating writing workshop with students, parents, and administrators! Please let me know how you like it below in the comments (I’m dying to know)! 

Remember: the key to these videos is that they are brief and follow a predictable format. In every video, I only tell families three things:

  • What we are doing in this unit.
  • How this helps their child grow as a reader/writer.
  • How this prepares their child for what’s next in school and in life

If I do more than that — if my videos become 10-15 minutes and filled with educational theory and every thought I’ve ever had about education, I will never find the time to make them. And parents will never watch them.

What does this look like in practice? Here are a couple of the videos I’ve sent to families in the first few weeks of school, just to give you a taste of how easy — but how helpful — they can be!

(As an added bonus, you’ll be able to hear about the first writing unit I’m teaching in both of my preps this year!)

Writing Workshop #1: How-To Guide:

Writing Workshop #1: Geography of Me Multigenre Portfolio

You can do it!

Record a video with a quick explanation of one of your classroom routines or something your students are currently working on! Share it with your department, with your administrators, or with your students’ parents!

What are the most effective tricks you’ve found for helping families understand what your writing classroom is all about? Leave a comment below!


  1. I like this idea so much…. I tried it! I used yours as my mentor text and added a short section at the end on “how can you support this work at home.”

  2. Love this idea, Rebekah. You are clear and concise and your passion for what you do beams through. I am going to talk to my teaching partner for grade 10 and see if she wants to do something similar to this…maybe do it as a partner thing. 🙂

  3. I love this! Just today I was outlining an informational blog series that I want to make for our parents. We have Open House this week, so I’m starting with ‘Reading to Your Child’ which will let them know why it’s so important, what it should look and sound like (parents love being read picture books :), and tips to add to the experience, like picture walks and predictions.

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