Writing Workshop Communication: Showing Classroom Visitors What to Look For



I want to take the reigns of my classroom narrative by showing anyone who visits what successful learning looks like in my classroom and what they can do to positively interact with the learning that’s happening. Essentially, I am communicating my expectations for me, my students, and I am communicating my expectations for them as a visitor.

These documents should…

  • be easily accessible and close to your door.
  • define a successful class period in your classroom in terms of student and teacher behaviors.
  • give the visitor a positive way to interact with your students and encounter their learning.

Here are my Look Fors and Conferring with Readers & Writers guides! Use them as-is or make them your own!

How do you help administrators (or colleagues) who are unfamiliar with writing workshop understand what good instruction looks like? We’d love to hear your tips below in the comments or on Twitter @RebekahODell1.



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