A (Remote) Exploration of Poetry: Week #4

a (Remote) Exploration of POetry

Dear poetry-loving English teacher friends,

Last week, we paused. We paused because the kids needed a pause, and we needed a pause. In every way, I think all of us are trying to find that happy medium right now between all and nothing.

But here we are again — week 4, the final week of our poetry exploration. Next week, we will take the four poems students have drafted during this unit and enter a revision workshop to polish two of them to turn in for feedback.

This week we are focusing on a poem’s resonant ending, and my buddy Margaret Ann has planned a beautiful mini-lesson with 7 Ways to End a Poem. So smart. We’re also reviewing some good, old-fashioned poetry terms for good measure.

Next week, in our poetry revision workshop, we’ll hone in on three revision tasks to make students’ poetry drafts stronger!

We hope this helps as you trudge along in this brave new world. How have you been using and tweaking these lessons to make them work for your students? We’d love to hear your ideas, too! Leave us a comment to share!

Be well,


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