Big News! Moving Writers Hosts Some Webinars!

In our work with teachers around the country over the past few months, a few themes have emerged: 1) This is the hardest teaching you’ve ever done in your whole life. 2) This is the hardest learning students have ever done in their whole lives. 3) Students seem particularly uninspired. Sitting behind a screen all day, or coming to school with limited interaction, has led to creative blocks and worse, apathy.

We hear you, friends, and we’ve been brainstorming ways to ease some of your teaching burdens in this special school year while helping your writers find inspiration during a time that can sometimes feel very uninspired. What we’ve come up with is a series of 1-hour webinars, beginning with two this October, to help your students find new writing ideas and turn those writing ideas into full pieces of writing.

We’re excited to embark on this new Moving Writers webinar journey with you, and we hope you find that our sessions leave you feeling both lighter and more grounded in your teaching in the days that follow. We promise to continue offering webinars beyond October if the demand is there! Here are two ways you can support our endeavor:

  1. Read more about the October webinars we’re offering below, and sign up if you’re interested!
  2. Fill out this 10-second Google Form to let us know what other topics you would like to see us cover in future webinars.

Thank you so much!

– Allison & Rebekah

October Webinars: From Ideas to Writing Projects

This webinar mini-series is split into two parts that work together. You can register for just part one, just part two, or both! Webinars will be recorded and available to all registered participants for 30 days after the event!

Tickets are limited. Register today!

5 Ways to Help Writers Discover Ideas in Uncharted Times — OCTOBER 22 at 7pm EST

These are strange, uncharted times indeed. And while some writers may be grateful for the solace and abundance of opportunities to get quiet and turn inward, many writers — including our very own students — are struggling to generate ideas during the pandemic. With socially distanced experiences, limited sports to watch (from behind a screen no less), reduced access to restaurants, movie theatres and theatres, our fodder for writing projects seems finite. What’s a writer to do? Join us as we share 5 use-tomorrow ideas for helping all of your writers, but especially those who are struggling to find inspiration in these times, mine their past and present lives for ideas that can grow into pieces of writing in any genre, writing that will not only restore their creative spark but also their faith in themselves as writers.

How to Help Writers Turn Ideas Into Pieces of Writing (In Any Genre) — OCTOBER 29 at 7pm EST

Your students have filled their notebooks with ideas for writing projects, and yet some seem stuck and loath to move forward. How can we help our students break through this pandemic writing inertia and grow the seeds in their notebooks from ideas to full expressions of writing? Join us for a technique-slinging power hour in which we’ll explore myriad strategies for coaching writers into the next steps of the writing process. We’ll spend some time playing with these techniques ourselves and thinking about how they can best serve the students in front of us tomorrow in class!

To register, head to our registration page!

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