Talking Through it All: Conferring Through the Toughest Year

Conferring with students about their reading and writing is one of those things I never feel like I will completely master. There will always be new ideas for simplifying, streamlining the process + making those conversations even more productive for students.

Especially this year.

Fortunately, Hattie + Mike love this stuff + are sharing ideas about what works for them in our March professional development opportunity — a 1-hour webinar on March 18!

From Hattie + Mike:

Time and resources are tight this year, so it’s tempting to cut conferring from the schedule. We argue that this year (and all years) it needs to be at the center of all we do. Participants will learn how to build a conferring community that encourages:

  • Student-driven writing conferences in both virtual and face-to-face spaces
  • Independent reading engagement through formative book chats
  • Supportive, low stakes classroom dialogues for student (and teacher) social emotional wellness
  • Personal interaction that supports student growth while maintaining relationships — yes, even in a virtual space!

To join us, head here and register!

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