SY 2017-2018 Top Ten: Managing Independent Writing

Over time, I become increasingly convinced that the more choice students have, the more magic you’ll get. To give students myriad opportunities to craft the writing they care about, I instituted writing homework this year — 20 minutes per night of completely independent, free-choice writing. Our #7 post of the year looks at the structures […]

SY 2017-2018 Top Ten: Techniques For Students Who Know What They Want To Say But Not How to Say It

For some young writers, finding ideas is a struggle. But for many, the struggle lies in finding the words to articulate the idea that is forming in their head. In this 8th-most-popular post from the 2017-2018 school year, Allison gives us three strategies to help these writers move from ideas-in-their-heads to words-on-paper.  ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Can you […]

SY 2017-2018 Top Ten: Mentor Texts for Writing About Place

Our 9th most-popular post this school year is about to explode with mentor texts ready for you to use in your classroom the first weeks of school! Writing about place is a powerful way to write about identity, and Tricia Ebarvia (@triciaebarvia) has given us more ideas and resources that we can possibly even use!  […]

9 Writing Hacks for the Most Prolific 100 Days of Summer Writing Yet

During the school year, Time is one of our biggest hurdles. There is never enough time to do all the things. Summer is a fantasy with its long, light, unencumbered days spread out before us. We plan road trips and brewery crawls and projects and beach days and fill our calendar with all the things […]

Mentor Text Wednesday: Memoir Mixtapes

Mentor Texts: Jon Recommends: “Head Rolls Off” by Frightened Rabbit By Jon Johnson Sean Recommends: “Ocean Drive” by Lighthouse Family By Sean Cunningham Techniques: Using music as inspiration for memoir writing Mood Connecting elements in writing Symbolism Brevity Background –  This is the first of two Mentor Text Wednesdays that finally allow me to fulfill a vision I’ve […]

Rolling Snowballs in Summertime: Using #100DOSW18 to Encourage Deeper Writing Next School Year

Remember how Olaf, the snowman from Frozen, sings about how excited he is to experience summer after Arendelle’s deep freeze? Consider me his opposite. As summer (and summer writing!) approaches, I, ever the Wisconsin girl at heart, am thinking about snow. Seriously. I’m thinking specifically about a snowman-size snowball, the kind you make by rolling […]