Making Writing Goals Visible


IMG_7024Sometimes I forget to make space for writers to communicate with  me. In the hustle of the day-in-and-day-out, I slip into communicating AT kids instead of communicating WITH kids.

One easy way I have found to change this is to make their IMG_7026writing goals super-visible — in the student’s face and in my face all the time. It has improved writing conferences, has given writers new focus, has given me focus in my feedback, and has kept students’ writerly intentions at the forefront of our work.

Here are some questions I’ve been liking recently to help students craft meaningful writing (and reading) goals:


IMG_8168What do you do to make students’ reading and writing goals front-and-center of your daily classroom life together? Do you have other strategies we can all try? Please comment below! And find us on Facebook or Twitter (@RebekahODell1). 

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