Learning From Poems: Titles

This year on Moving Writers, my “beat” returns to poetry as a foundational element of a writing classroom. Each month’s post will examine how we can learn about an aspect of writing from a specific poem or poems, then look at what it might sound like to extend those ideas to a writing lesson in any genre. Earlier this year, I have written about learning brevity and learning to use imagery and learning the music of language.

Poetry can provide a variety of models for our students when they are trying to come up with a good title for their stories, essays, editorials and more. We can even weave in a little grammar lesson just looking at titles.

This month, my post is an infographic. To access all of the linked poems, just click DOWNLOAD under the image to get an interactive PDF version. Enjoy, and reach out to me on Twitter if you use any of the poems in class to help students craft titles!

What are your are your favorite poem titles? What are your other go-to methods for helping students craft titles? You can connect with me on Twitter @theVogelman or engage on Facebook at facebook.com/movingwriters to continue the conversation.  

At Moving Writers, we love sharing our materials with you, and we work hard to ensure we are posting high-quality work that is both innovative and practical. Please help us continue to make this possible by refraining from selling our intellectual property or presenting it as your own. Thanks!

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