We need your mentor text questions!!

Happy December!

Today, we have a request. Allison & I are hard at work on a new book with Heinemann, but we need your help.

Actually, we need your voice. Literally.

We want to know your burning questions about teaching with mentor texts. What do you just not quite  get yet? What is standing between you and teaching with mentor text? What can you not wrap your brain around just yet? What have you tried and need help troubleshooting?

We want it all.

One of the things we are MOST excited about in this book is that in addition to video, this book will include links to podcast episodes where real teachers will get to chat with us about their mentor-text-teaching questions! We hope it will be you.

If you have a question and would like to be considered for one of these casual 5-minute chats, please complete this form!

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