Writing Workshop Communication: Sharing Students’ Process


(Sorry for the grainy sound today, folks!)

Having students create documents that compile the writerly work in their notebooks has been a huge win! Students are able to share an often invisible process with their parents, they are able to share their reflections with me, and they are able to show themselves how far they have come!

In today’s video, I mention:

  • The Writer’s Practice by John Warner   – this book is full of practical, hands-on writing activities to help your writers grow. GET IT! (and, while you’re at it, get Why They Can’t Write. It’s the anti-five-paragraph-essay manifesto I’ve always dreamed of.)
  • Here are the instructions I gave my students for compiling the reflection document that I share in the video! Here you’ll get the instructions, the reflection questions, and the rubric.

Do you have other methods for helping students share their writing process with their parents? I’d love to hear them! Please comment below, find us on Facebook, or connect with me on Twitter!

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