Workshop + Don’t Drop: Resources from #NCTE19

(Back, from left to right) Paige, Hattie, Mike, Megan, Kristin, Stefanie (Front) Noah, Allison, Rebekah

One of my greatest NCTE joys have been the times members of the Moving Writers team have gotten to join forces at NCTE.  I love these people — their deeply-felt philosophies about teaching writing to make a difference in children’s learning and lives, their practical, boots-on-the-ground, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that brilliance.

Here are some of the resources from our session:

Our Session

The AMAZING Noah Waspe recorded our session as a series of podcast episodes for Write Answers, the podcast of the Ohio Writing Project. Here they are:

Episode 1: Allison Marchetti + Megan Kortlandt

Episode 2: Mike Ziegler + Hattie Maguire

Our Slides

Here are slides from our session. Student work samples and photographs have been removed.

Copy of Workshop + Don’t Drop

Allison opens the session.

Goodies from Hattie:


Making Choice and Writer’s Workshop a Priority in AP Courses

  1. Contextual Pool Notebooks
    1. Sample Assignment Sheet
    2. Sample Grading Rubric
    3. What Happens When I’m Wrong: blog post about how I use CP in my AP Sem class
  2. Blogging
    1. Using Blogging to Grow Independent Writers
    2. A sample assignment sheet for shared blogging assignment with other AP Lang classes (*created by Liz Matheny and Melissa Tucker)
  3. AP Lang-ish assignments
    1. Sample Open Letter assignment
    2. Student created rubric

If you want to know even more about the topics we talked about at NCTE, check out these links to more Moving Writers articles:



  1. Help! Do you have a copy of the slide with the photo from the students’ notebooks about “How I Learn”? It isn’t in the pdf of resources! Thanks!

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