A (Remote) Exploration of Poetry: Week Two

a (Remote) Exploration of POetry

Hello, friends,

It’s another week of distance learning — and boy, are we all learning. To tell you the truth, I’m grateful for the distraction of the learning right now. Less time to surf the news. 🙂

This week, my students will be thinking about line and stanza breaks and how poets do this intentionally to add to the meaning of their words.

Here are some things for you to use to help your students explore and write poetry this week:

(These were previously shared as live Google Docs to make it easier for you to make a copy and edit to meet the needs of your students. However, as individuals have been making changes to the original docs, I have had to lock them down as PDFs.)

We found both of these poems and smart lessons on Brett Vogelsinger’s Go Poems blog!

Be well, teacher friends. We’re doing good work. We’re doing the best work we can do these days.

Best wishes for a peaceful, healthy week,


1 Comment

  1. This is SUPER helpful!! Thank you!!
    If you still want to share as a Google Doc, you can change the word “edit” in the Shared Link URL to “copy.” This will force users to make a copy- saving your original doc.
    When sharing- also check the box that says “Prevent editors from changing access. . . ”
    I am hoping to write a lesson in this format- I can share when done!
    Thanks again!

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