Spring Professional Development with Moving Writers

We’d love to see you this spring for live webinars (recorded if you can’t make it!) Here’s what we’re offering so far in March and April!

Just in time to fill your plan book for National Poetry Month, brief “poetry pauses” not only build students’ capacity for critical reading + stamina for writing, but they can also serve as sparks for bigger pieces of writing in a variety of modes and genres. In this live (recorded) webinar, Brett Vogelsinger will offer five poems with five ideas for your classroom writers, inviting them to write poetry and MORE. Join us for this interactive session chock full of ideas you can take directly to your writing classroom!

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We know that independent reading promotes engagement and builds habits for lifelong reading. But how do we ensure students are actually doing it? And how do we put it in a gradebook? And how do we help every student find a just-right book? And how do we allow choice while still encouraging students to choose appropriately challenging texts? How do we help students set meaningful goals? What is the teacher’s role during independent reading time? And how much? And how often?

We want to do it. We know we should do it. But we have LOTS of questions. Let’s gather for 20ish tips for managing independent reading mayhem so that it’s a classroom routine we all love.

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Moving Writers also currently offers 14 on-demand webinars and courses available for instant viewing! Check them out today!

Or how about some FREE professional development each week and FREE mini writing lessons for your students? Our new YouTube channel, Mini Moves for Writers, offers writing lessons in 5 minutes or less. Subscribe today to find writing lessons ready to come straight into your classroom!

What would you love to see as a part of Moving Writers’ professional development series? On what topics would you like new ideas? Where could we provide additional support! Please comment below or reach out at movingwriters@gmail.com!

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